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Farm History

Riverwood Farms has long been recognized as a leading seedstock nursery for superior livestock. Today, Riverwood is known from coast to coast and border to border for top quality sheep genetics. Riverwood has also established a strong foreign market.

Riverwood Farms is based in Powell, Ohio. Riverwood maintains about 200 brood ewes, plus 40 ewes for our embryo program. We maintain a semen bank on all of our top rams. Frozen semen is now available to the industry and in the future, we plan to have frozen embryos available by request.

Dr. Kurt Johnson is our attending veterinarian. He oversees the health status of our flocks. We are in a position to do any testing necessary for any particular health protocol.

Production traits are very important at Riverwood. We have extended pedigrees and production information available from our computer-based programs. Riverwood ewes are bred to lamb in September, October, December, January, and February. This means we have ewes that could be lambing three times in two years.

Riverwood feels that the three breeds we raise address the varying needs of our industry, while not competing with each other for market share.

Our Polled Dorset flock was established in 1988. We maintain 65 top quality stud ewes. We have developed a sire line that traces to the great stud ram "Legacy". He and his sons, grandsons, and great grandsons have truly stamped the Dorset breed has moved our flock into the 21st century. Our Dorsets continue to be our signature flock. "What you see is what you get."

Our fullblood Dorper flock was established in 1995 with importation of South African embryos. In 1996 we added 10 ewe lambs and a ram lamb from another importation. We now have about 100 brood ewes. Our Dorper flock is also a very high-quality flock, just check the show and sale results.

In our White Dorper flock, we now have 50 fullblood ewes. These ewes and our rams all trace to South Africa by way of Australia. This flock is now a highly competitive group that represents the goals of Riverwood Farms.

A strong selection criteria for our flocks in the last 2-3 years has been to develop the R factor at Codon 171. This is a goal we are now achieving.

Riverwood Farms competes in the show ring with great success, but the true value of our breeding programs must relate to the needs of our commercial producers.